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Our Classes

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Boxing bootcamp

Combining boxing, HIIT, military conditioning into a full body primal workout to gain confidence, improve coordination, build strength, lose weight & increase both aerobic & anaerobic fitness levels.

(Suitable for men & women of all abilities aged 12+)


Boxing skills & drills

Professional level coaching and supervision by top level coaches and fighters in the sweet science of boxing including combination building, footwork, defence, counter, punching, etc for first timers to fighter & all in between.

(Suitable for men & women of all abilities aged 14+)



Supervised coaching for sparring and ring craft for first timers, enthusiasts, amateurs, and professionals alike as well as open gym access which includes training programs and direction from black diamond boxing staff.

(Suitable for men & women of all abilities aged 14+)


Youth boxing

Development training for youths aged 8 to 13 years focusing on the fundamentals of boxing as well as discipline and basic fitness. All staff are professionally qualified and have current working with children checks. Classes run for approx. 1 hour and require parent or guardian approval to participate.

(Suitable for men & women of all abilities aged 5 – 12)

Personal Training

$60 for PT – up to 2 people – every person in addition $30

Sessions include technical coaching including pad work, defensive drills and footwork as well as strength and conditioning training whether sports specific of more general fitness and weight loss orientated. All coaching staff are current or ex professional boxers, current or ex Australian Army serviceman as well as current qualified professional boxing coaches with cert 4 Boxing Coach qualifications including master pad holding certificates.

(Suitable for men & women of all abilities aged 10+)


Recover, restore, relax. This class is all about you and your body. It is designed to help you reset after a hard week of training, working, studying, living. Each class is designed to complement your workouts so you walk out of the gym feeling great. Expect a slow flow, focus on the breath, and relaxing of your muscles and your mind. You don’t need to be flexible to do the class as options are available and injuries can be accommodated.

Casual visit Class

$25 | $20 U/18s

Receive access to one class of your choice.